Andrej Koroliov

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Überbelichtung / Riss II (mute / Deutschland) for (bass-)clarinet, cello, e-zither, video (2018)

inventur for e-guitar (2018)

Überbelichtung / Riss I for speaker, clarinet, cello, e-zither, words by Nora Gomringer (2018)

Love Songs (my hungover is better than your party) for e-zither, voices, keyboards (2016/2017)

Hinterhalt Boris for voices, trombone, cello, keyboards, percussion, electronics, video (2017)

irritate me (herbst) for performing clarinet, video (2016)

Volksgesundheit LK (try.repeat.failure 2) for voice, flute, accordion (2015/2016)

try.repeat.failure 1 for saxophone (2015)

illegal sunshine fry my eyes for violoncello, percussion, sampler, electronics, visuals (2015)

resist mix for percussion, electronics (2014)

like my domination (die gelehrigen körper) for ensemble, electronics (2013)


enfant terrible kill the pain in me for violin, domestic appliances, electronics (2012)


psychosis beatdown for bass-clarinet, piano (2012)

Sei du Gesang mein freundlich Asyl for voice, clarinet, e-zither, piano, electronics (2011)

corrosion of confirmity 2 (working class children) for clarinet, violincello, piano (2008-2010)


corrosion of confirmity for string trio & electronics (2008)


cause for alarm (chaostage) for ensemble (2008)